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Perth's 3 day Snap Lockdown

By now, you would have heard about the COVID snap 3 day lockdown over this long weekend.

This is to confirm that our bible study and worship service for this Sunday 25 April will be moved online with only those required to serve be in attendance. I will contact the men individually that will be required to attend at the building on Sunday.

If you require Lord Supper elements, please let Elinna know as soon as possible so we can arrange supply & distribution for you.

Men’s and Ladies Class:

We will still be going ahead with the men’s and ladies class this Sunday with Rob & Alicia. Both will be available online.

The men’s class will be the default class through the normal links. Click here.

The ladies will class will be via the ladies class link. Click here

We will send a reminder of the links on Sunday morning for your convenience through our normal means of communication.

Other points to note:

  • The evangelism meeting is cancelled for this Saturday

  • In recent weeks, we have had some issues streaming to YouTube which we are trying to rectify. Should we not be able to get that working, please make sure you join us via our website or our Facebook page.

Let us pray that this lockdown will have the desired outcome so that we can meet again shortly.

If you are feeling unwell / have a fever, please do not hesitate to follow the advice given through the official channels. If you are struggling or require assistance in any way during this time, or need supplies, please reach out to me and so that we can help you.

Thank you all for your understanding and patience.

May God bless you all as you spend time with your loved ones at home.


Hao Shen

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