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Life: From God's Perspective

I don't know if there's anything more spectacular than life itself. Without life, God would not be and neither would we. Life is the very essence of what you are. A majority of people seek the meaning of life without first understanding the value of it. Perhaps when value is established, meaning can come more naturally. To the atheist, life is a miraculous accident caused by the universe. To the theist, life is the energy relationship between man and God.

By looking at the book of Isaiah, particularly chapter 49, we can get insight into God's perspective of the life of an individual.

  1. God Names from the Womb (49:1) - "From the body of my mother he named my name." Before you are even born, God knows what your name is going to be. To make this even more impactful, names were everything to a Jew. That is why it was so significant when Jacob's name was changed to Israel (Gen. 32:28).

  2. God Forms from the Womb (49:5) - What God is able to do through life is absolutely incredible. While Isaiah was still in the womb, God was working on making him a key role in the restoration of Israel. To say that God doesn't have plans for you would be to say He forgot about you.

  3. God Cares from the Womb (49:15) - Just as a woman can't forget about her child, neither can God. As stated earlier, there is no way that God will forget about you after all the work He has spent on you.

Life is a peculiar thing. No matter the mystery, it is safe to say that God's perspective of life is significant. All three of those points come from a timeline before the physical birth of a human. It is simply stunning to see what God thought of you before anyone else did.

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