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A couple of years ago a brother in Florida gave me a coin he had uncovered in Europe more than 50 years ago. It is a Sestertius with the image of the Roman Emperor, Hadrian, engraved on it. That places the date of this coin from 118-132 A.D.

My friend who gave me this coin happened to uncover 150 other coins in the same spot. Apparently, 1900 years ago, someone buried some money in the ground for safekeeping and, for whatever reason, never recovered his treasure.

As I have held this coin in my hand, I have examined it closely and have mused about the person who buried it. What was the person like who once owned this coin? Was this all he had, or did he have money buried in several stashes? What did he have to do to earn this coin? But the thought that impacts me the most is that this coin once belonged to another person who lived nearly 2000 years ago, yet what was once his is now mine.

When I consider this thought, it seems to help put life into perspective for me. What is “mine” is only mine temporarily. Things for which we work will either be trashed or held in the hands of another person. What’s yours today will belong to someone else tomorrow.

In light of this truth, why would I spend my life in pursuit of that which I cannot keep? Consider the futility of grasping for that which remains mine only for a short time. All the thought, expense, and work expended to own something that someone else will take from me is vanity! Would it not be a much wiser course of action to pursue treasure that will survive the grave and be mine forever?

Friends, don’t fall in love with money! Fall in love with the Lord. Don’t allow your life to be characterized by your pursuit of money, but rather let it be summarized by your pursuit of God. Someday, probably sooner than you realize, all the money that is yours will belong to someone else. When that day comes, it won’t matter what’s in your hands, for your hands will be empty. What will matter is whether the Lord is in your heart, for He is your only hope of glory (Colossians 1:27).

Remember: a million dollars and a bale of hay will be worth the same on Judgment Day

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