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Church Growth - Conclusion

As was mentioned in the onset of this writing, many within the church are in disagreement about church growth. Perhaps the reason for this is because they have not been shown the importance of growing the church. Again, it is not about filling the pews for the purpose of numbers or a larger contribution, but is about bringing souls to God. There is not a congregation on earth that does not or should not need to grow. The four categories covered in this paper are not the only factors connected with growing a congregation; however, they are most definitely a good start for any church with aspirations of growth. If the principles and ideas discussed in this paper are implemented and accepted by the Central North church of Christ in Perth, then along with God’s help the church there will grow. Not only will it grow numerically, but the members there will also grow spiritually. This is because when involved in church work, Christians naturally grow. Christ wants His church to grow everywhere, and for all people “to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth” (1 Timothy 2:4). Just as Perth became known as “the city of lights” when astronaut John Glenn made the first American orbit around the earth, so too can the church there be a beacon of light, that “city set on a hill” representing the “light of the world” in Western Australia. Bringing souls to the truth of eternal salvation is the most important thing that any church can do. May God bless His church in Perth, Australia, and may He bless His church all over the world.

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