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Single and devoted

From the very beginning God knew that it “is not good for man to be alone” and so He created Eve to be a helper (Genesis 2:18). Marriage should be just that; husband and wife helping one another be faithful and holy in their service to bring glory to God. While marriage is a beautiful and mutually assisting union from God, that does not mean that being single is a bad thing. Sadly, many people paint a dreary picture of being single. In fact, there are some aspects of the unmarried life which can actually be of more benefit. Most believe the Apostle Paul was part of the single crowd. Knowing God’s design and purpose of marriage, he wrote on the topic several times; however, he also wrote about the positives of being single in his first letter to the church in Corinth.

In addressing an apparent question the Christians there had about marriage, Paul would go on to say that the unmarried person is “free from concern” of pleasing one’s spouse, and in turn is “concerned about the things of the Lord” (7:32-34). Marriage is wonderful and should be a bond which is concerned with serving God and helping the other get to heaven. However, being married requires time and effort to be put into caring for the other person. Being single means freedom from those duties, thus allowing the Christian to focus on their “undistracted devotion to the Lord” (7:35).

Both the single and married life can be equally glorifying to God. If you are looking for a spouse, choose one you believe will help you in your Christian walk, knowing that marriage is a life-long commitment (7:39). Meanwhile, utilize the chances you have to serve God with eagerness and an “undistracted devotion.” Spend more time in studying God’s word. Search for ways to volunteer your time and talents for the Lord. Look for opportunities to fellowship with other Christians, married and single alike. Maybe even talk to others about forming a singles group, where unmarried adults of all ages can meet and spend time together. God said it was not good for man to be “alone,” but he did not say “single.” As part of the Lord’s body you are never alone. Whether married or single, we should all be “concerned about the things of the Lord.”

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