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Why are you afraid?

Springtime in Kansas is one of my favorite times of year. All the trees, grass, flowers, and other parts of nature are turning green again. Baseball and other outside activities are back in full swing. Perhaps most of all, I enjoy the thunderstorms. There is something about the energy in the air and the power that is displayed in the clouds, lighting, wind, thunder, rain, and hail. Not everyone feels the same way about storms. They become afraid when it starts to thunder, and the wind begins to blow. Don’t get me wrong, I am not fond of the destruction and loss that can and sometimes does accompany these storms. However, for whatever reason storms have never made me fearful, but excited. The storms of life can also cause us to fear, and even at times to waiver in our faith in God. Scripture gives us a valuable lesson on how to deal with these storms.

One night, Jesus and His disciples were crossing the Sea of Galilee and a “great storm” popped up out of nowhere (Mt. 8:24-27). This made the disciples fearful for their lives, so they woke Jesus up saying, “Save us Lord, for we are perishing!” Rather than being concerned about the storm, Jesus was bothered by the lack of faith on behalf of His disciples which lead to their being afraid. He asked them, “Why are you afraid, you men of little faith?” What happened next proves Jesus’ deity and amazed the disciples. The Lord “rebuked” the wind and the sea saying, “Hush, be still” (Mk. 4:39). Next, the Scriptures say that “a great calm occurred.” There was no doubt about who was in control.

Life can often feel like a thunderstorm. All the ebbs and flows, trials and turmoil, are comparable to a storm that seems as if it will not pass. Such inclement “weather” in our lives can cause great doubt and fear of what might happen next. In such instances, if we remain calm and “be still” knowing that the Lord is in control, we will have nothing to fear. That doesn’t mean we have to like all the storms life brings; however, because of our faith in God a “great calm” can occur no matter what happens. Trust in God and fear not!

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