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Letter of Thanksgiving 2018

We received the following letter from our brethren in Sweden.

Dear brethren

Grace & Peace & the fellowship with Holy Spirit

We hereby confirm that we have recieved the payment of 29. 750,60 SEK for the hall rental assistance of the congregation in Stockholm, Sweden. We will announce the received amount to the brethren on Sunday.

Therefor we would like to express our gratitude & appreciation. We say big thanks to the whole congregation for every money that the church has spent for the sake of the church in Sweden, may God continue bless you all both spiritually and physically.

At this time the congregation here are getting on fine, we still have members joining our worship on Sundays as well as bible class on Tuesday evenings through Skype, there is one Indian family in Gothenburg, & one Ghanian female student in north of Sweden, one Indian family in Denmark & a Ghanian family in Spain. The Tuesday bible classes also run on the church group Facebook live to reach out to more people even non Christians, we have seen a great interest for the Church of Christ, glory be to God. A new family in Christ have also been back to Sweden from the Caribbeans that is now worshiping with us, besides 2 two of the long time visiting sisters are back to worship with us. At times we also receive visitors. This past Saturday a few of us brethren were out for evangelism to share pamphlets and DVD:s Please pray for us all to stay strong in faith & keep on working for Him

Also we like to thank brother Joseph Lee, brother Quintin Le Roux and brother Hao Shen for their help with teachings on Sundays, its of great help for us, since there is lack of men that are not able to take that responsiblity

We will also pray for your congregation that God shall grant you more members & maintain & progress your work in Him.

With love & greetings in Christ to you all!

Onward & Upward

Brother George & Sister Gabrielle Opoku

& Sweden Church of Christ as a whole.

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