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Reaching Out (Part 2)

An article a few days ago noticed that Jesus wants everyone. Our text shows that, for sinners, Jesus has peace, time, and healing (Matthew 9:9-12). As this article continues through verse 15, we see Jesus also has a part for His people to play in reaching out to our friends and neighbors.

JESUS DEMANDS COMPASSION (9:13). Jesus quotes Hosea 6:6. The problem was that many Jews preached religious correctness but did not have a shred of compassion in themselves for others. We cannot say God did not want His people to sacrifice at all because it was part of the law. However, when you have sacrifice and no compassion, you are not giving God what He wants.

These Pharisees had no compassion to the tax collectors. They had no concern about their souls. They had no plans to reach out to them in any way to get them to return to the Lord. Jesus clarifies what His ministry is all about. Jesus is interested in the genuinely righteous whoever and wherever they are.

JESUS DEMANDS OUTREACH (9:14-15). While Jesus was enjoying these meals, John is telling His disciples to fast. What they had been fasting for was in anticipation of the Messiah. Jesus says while He is on the earth, His disciples are going to be involved in ministering to these sinners.

Sometimes God’s people have become so inward focused we have forgotten to minister to those outside our walls.

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