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Reaching Out - Part 1

“I cannot go to church - not after all I’ve done.” I’ve heard that many times. Perhaps you have thought this of yourself. Yet, Jesus wants everyone! This is often seen throughout scripture, particularly in our text for today: Matthew 9:9-15. For sinners…

JESUS HAS PEACE (9:9). Jesus chose Matthew, a tax collector. In him, you have a man who works for the Romans, then you have Simon the Zealot, who took a vow against Romans! Talk about opposite sides of the aisle. Both were sinners apart from Jesus, but both found peace with Him.

JESUS HAS TIME (9:10). They did not recline unless it was a formal dinner. This is a big deal, not just having Him over for lunch. The term “sinners” here literally is “irreligious Jews.” They are physically Jews by heritage but do not follow the Mosaic Law. With these irreligious people, Jesus was spending His time.

JESUS HAS HEALING (9:11-12). To the Pharisees, this is ruining Jesus’s credibility. He is rubbing shoulders with the worst of the worst. Yet Jesus answers that the healthy do not go to a doctor. The sick do. At least these individuals realize they have a spiritual problem. He is the great physician but can only help those who recognize they need help.

Jesus still offers peace to those who seek Him. He still has time to listen to you. He still offers spiritual healing to those who turn to Him. The only way we can get our lives straightened out is with Jesus.

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