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Straight from the horse's mouth

Horses are lovable, hard-working, and beautiful. They also are excellent examples of the forethought of God’s creation. Notice three ways members of the equine family show God’s design.

THEIR DEFENSIVE MECHANISMS. Within a few months, foals learn to control the pelvic and leg joints to lock temporarily, allowing them to sleep while standing. Rarely will every horse in a herd lie down simultaneously. One or more will remain standing as a look-out. They are built to detect danger. Horse’s eyes are the largest of any land animal. Their placement on the side of the head allows them to have almost 360-degree vision. A horse will curl its lips to funnel smells into sensitive nasal receptors. Its ears turn in any direction to aid keen hearing. When danger is present, their “fight or flight” instinct keeps them safe.

THEIR CARE FOR THEIR YOUNG. The mare will lead away threats and will fight to safeguard her offspring. She is created to provide for her young. The first milk produced contains needed antibodies. She "nip" on the rear of the colt to urge him to search for the place to nurse. Even a mare raised away from any other mares will have these "instincts" immediately after birthing a foal.

THEIR UNIQUE BUILD. A foal is born with overly sensitive nose hairs which act as sensors to guide the colt to nurse. Their nose is extremely heat-sensitive, attracting his mouth to the udder, which is ten degrees warmer than normal during foaling. The newborn’s hooves are covered in a soft cartilage that protects the mare while in the womb. This covering is painlessly rubbed off in the first hours after birth. An adult horse’s legs are perfectly designed for running and working. The strong bones’ structure displaces weight and pressure. The “frog” of the horse's hoof acts as a suction pump to push and pull blood through the leg, increasing circulation in the foot. The feather hairs hanging around the hoof direct water over the pastern to reduce moisture and prevent fungal infections.

It would be improbable, if not impossible, that these attributes could have evolved at the same time to produce a healthy horse able to sustain itself. The design shown in horses point to a Designer - the same one who designed you and me. He is the loving Creator that cares for us and wants us to believe and follow Him.

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